Regulatory and Administrative Proceedings

We assist clients in the course of regulatory and administrative proceedings by providing professional and targeted legal advice. Our in-dept knowledge and experience enables us to confidently represent our clients before professional self-governments, public administration bodies and administrative courts in all the steps of the proceedings.

More specifically, we offer:

  • Ongoing advisory services to individual and corporate clients in crisis situations in the scope of risk reduction related to inspection and/or administrative proceedings;
  • Representing corporate clients in the course of inspection activities undertaken by the supervisory authorities;
  • Representing corporate clients at every stage of administrative proceedings regarding the imposition of administrative sanctions;
  • Drawing up appeals from the decision of the supervisory authorities, and representing the client at the stage of judicial and administrative proceedings;
  • Risk analysis and implementing compliance principles in corporate entities to ensure compliance with the legal provisions applicable to these entities in order to minimize the risk of regulatory proceedings being instigated against them;
  • Drawing up legal opinions regarding the compliance of activities and internal policies with relevant legal acts regulating a given type of activity.

More specifically, our lawyers participate in inspection and regulatory proceedings conducted against corporate clients including from the pharmaceutical industry, audit firms, and financial institutions, which remain under the supervision of state and local authorities competent for a given profession and industry. Kondracki Celej also represents clients in proceedings regarding the control of the correctness of spending of funds from subsidies, including the spending of funds from subsidies from European Union funds, as well as in administrative proceedings regarding the possible return of those subsidies.

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