We offer comprehensive legal complianceservices in order to ensure the compliance of entrepreneurs' businesses with the applicable Polish and international law.

The legal system covers many regulations connected to the functioning of business entities. Taking into account the range and the level of complexity of such regulations, entrepreneurs have difficulties in being fully compliant. For this reason, entrepreneurs create dedicated compliance teams, which aim to ensure the compliance of their business activity with laws, global corporate regulations and trade codes.

We actively support compliance teams by, among others:

  • Carrying out compliance audits and evaluating the risks connected to the client’s business activity;
  • Drafting maps of regulations applying to the client’s business activity;
  • Informational activity – monitoring legislation processes pertaining to laws applying to the client’s business activity;
  • Identifying areas of the client’s business activity where adjusting measures to the mandatory laws (including trade codes) are required – drafting risk maps;
  • Carrying out implementation and adjusting projects;
  • Analyzing global corporate policies in light of local laws and regulations;
  • Drafting and modifying local internal policies and supervising their adherence;
  • Carrying out internal trainings for the client’s in-house lawyers and employees in respect of mandatory policies and regulations;
  • Mapping out models of conduct in case of a non-compliance of the client’s employees with the internal policies;
  • Assistance in managing crisis situations;
  • Carrying out internal explanatory proceedings to determine whether any abnormalities happened within the organization;
  • Mapping out procedures for internal explanatory proceedings;
  • Assisting in mapping out internal whistle-blower systems.

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