Criminal law

Our lawyers have over a dozen years of experience in representing clients in all steps of the criminal proceedings.

We conduct criminal trials related to the defense of accused persons, as well as those related to the protection of victims' interests. We particularly deal with traffic and drug offenses.

Our firm offers:

  • Participating in all activities related to the client’s pretrial detention, as well as the submission to the court of a possible application for the use of a preventive measure in the form of an arrest;
  • Representing suspects and victims at the pre-trial stage (investigation);
  • Preparing the most favorable defense line for the accused;
  • Drawing up private and subsidiary indictments and representation in proceedings initiated as a result of their submission;
  • Representing auxiliary prosecutors and accused persons in proceedings before first instance courts;
  • Filing of complaints, appeals and cassations, applications for the resumption of proceedings, as well as representation in proceedings before the courts of second instance and the Supreme Court;
  • Representing in obtaining safe-conducts letters;
  • Representing in matters related to the European Arrest Warrant as well as in extradition proceedings;
  • Drafting legal opinions in the field of criminal law and criminal proceedings;
  • Representing clients at the stage of enforcement proceedings (deferral of execution of the sentence, break in serving the sentence, conditional early release from the rest of the sentence).

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