Rafał Celej as an expert within the Green Deal Accelerator by PFR and NCBiR

During workshops organized by the Polish Development Fund S.A. (PFR) and the National Centre for Research and Development as part of the Green Deal Accelerator, Rafał Celej, a partner at Kondracki Celej Law Firm, shared practical aspects of negotiating key clauses in investment agreements with the founders, such as:

🎯 reverse vesting and buyback option

🎯 drag along

🎯 exclusivity and non-compete clauses

🎯 liquidation preference

🎯 representations & warranties.

Participants also learned about typical corporate governance structures and principles of equity disposition in startups, which are commonly expected by Venture Capital funds.

The opportunity to participate in the Green Deal Accelerator initiative, an innovative program supporting the commercialization of technologies that facilitate the transition to clean, affordable, and safe energy, the shift towards a circular economy, energy-efficient and resource-efficient construction, as well as comprehensive environmental protection, is an honor and pleasure for Kondracki Celej Law Firm! Thank you for the invitation 🤝


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